Must Have Nail Polish Colors


It matches your every outfit.It's my go-to nails.Make sure it flatters your skin tone.

Classic Red

when she wants to go classic for office,party...


A high-fashion must-have


Adding glitter to your collection adds daring without being flashy

Light Pink/Hot Pink

Dress up  girly

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Ariana Grande Makeup And Beauty Tips


She tells a good face-washing habits helps to prevent wrinkles when you get older".

Every night before bed she usesuse Argan oil, and  Victoria's Secret hairspray.


The star always wears her hair half-up, half-down.

Just simply piece your hair into 1″ sections, loosely curl the ends with a 1 1/4″ curling iron and gently run your fingers through them after they cool off.


She quoted on tumblr: “I stopped eating junk food and started making healthy choices.”

Her favorite exercise is chasing her puppy around.

She loves salmon and nuts like almond and cashew to stay fit and loves to shop at health food stores like Whole Foods.

She loves to do elliptical workouts and Hiking.

She uses dance rehearsals as her cardio workout in 5-inch heels.

 She meditates on a daily basis.

She thinks coconut water is the best drink in the world.


5 ft 1 in or 155 cm (via Instagram)


47 kg or 104 pounds


Ariana sports a clean face with lightly pigmented shadow and a thin black liner on her eyelids, along with a muted mauve lip.


Emma Wtson Makeup And Beauty


She wears less foundation because she spends a lot more time on her skincare regime.

she uses a hot flannel or a soft piece of linen to remove mmakeup and uses Gentle Cream Cleanser by MV Organic.

She wears sunscreen, a minimum of SPF 15 is a must every day

She loves  coconut water which makes a huge difference for her skin and it’s healthier than soda.


Emma loves to play field hockey, hill walking and running outdoors.

She always prefers going to the gym and does at least 90 minutes of workout in a day.

She has five days per week, workout plan, which includes intense cardio including Pilates, weight lifting and sprint running.

Her diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and healthy salads.

As per her rule, she does not follow a strict routine and do eat chocolates, pasta, bagels at times and loves baking too


5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


50 kg or 110 pounds


She prefers pinky blusher and uses  love Stila's Convertible Colour in Fuchsia

For daytime she likes to wear a pink-tinted lip-balm such as Figs & Rouge's Lemon Berry .

She love bright pops of the same colour on my lips and nails like she wears LancĂ´me's Rouge In Love lipstick with its Vernis In Love nail polish.


Taylor Swift Makeup And Beauty


She runs on the treadmill an hour every day and prefers to eat salads and yogurt over french fries and ice cream.

she tries to eat well during the week and indulges only on the weekends.

She has a heavy breakfast and keeps it light throughout the day.


The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter is one body product that she absolutely loves.

She makes sure to put a night cream every night before going to bed and every morning Kate Somerville moisturizer as well before applying any makeup.

She uses a sun block every time she steps out in the sun to avoid sunburn.


She doesn’t use any hair products for the fear of spoiling and damaging her hair.

 For shows and events, she recurl pieces with a spiral curling iron [¾-inch] so to  look hair smoother.


Her everyday makeup essentials include eyeliner, mascara, lipstick natural brown eye shadows, a lash curler.

 Taylor said that she uses MAC Studio Tech NW 20 and a black gel liner.

Liquid liner is something that she cannot live without.

Red lips and winged liner is the signature look of Taylor Swift - When drawing, imagine a line extending from your bottom lid upward and use it as a guide for the eyeliner ‘flick”.

I've been surprised to see how many professional makeup artists use their fingers to apply foundation.

signature fragrance

I love vanilla, the warmth of it. I also love the berries in my new fragrance